About Us

Tired of endlessly searching for men’s formal wear and accessories to match your perfect wedding colors? Disappointed that you couldn’t find the perfect matching accessories? We were too. That’s why we created Match Formal Wear.

What started out as a small bridal company in the corner of the Dakota Square Mall in Minot North Dakota in 1985 has since grown into one of the most successful bridal, prom and men's formal wear stores in the Upper Midwest. Debbie Harris began at a young age with a dream: to help women look and feel their very best on the most important day of their life. Debbie's passion has grown and so has her loyal following. Her company, Fiancée, is one of the most popular and successful bridal, prom and men's formal wear stores in North Dakota which features thousands of dresses and formal wear products in an impressive 10,000 square foot showroom.

As an experienced bridal and formal wear consultant, Debbie wanted to solve the constant challenge of matching the perfect bridesmaid's dress colors with matching groomsmen's accessories. After years of building a database of information, Debbie has decided to partner with two ecommerce entrepreneurs with the same passion to launch MATCH Formal Wear.

At Match, we offer affordable, high quality men’s formal wear and accessories that match the most popular bridesmaid dress designers. No need to change your colors because you couldn’t find your matching men’s accessories. Because we want you to feel fantastic about the way your wedding party looks, we’ve taken the work out of the color matching search by meticulously researching, comparing, and matching hundreds of colors under full spectrum specialty lighting. Simply type in your dress designer and your color and search our database of hundreds of matching men’s accessories. Can't find a match? Just email or call, and we would be happy to match your dress color. We have hundreds of colors in more than half a dozen patterns. More colors, more patterns, more MATCHES!

MATCH Formal Wear is a partner with Fiancée which is located in the heart of downtown Minot, North Dakota. Fiancée is a full service prom, bridal and formal wear company that has been operating since 1985. With over 35 years in the business, you're in great hands with