Classic Long Tie - Tundra

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Match Formal Wear



Your men will look absolutely dapper in the Classic Long Tie. This stylish and sophisticated tie is made from super high quality 100% Poly Satin Twill Fabric. There are two options for the long tie:

The Pre-Tied version (often called the Windsor or "Cheater" tie) comes with metal hook and clasp and is fully adjustable. It is available in nearly 200 colors and 7 patterns and comes in two sizes (Adult and Child).

The Self-Tie version also comes in nearly 200 colors and 7 patterns but is only available in the Adult size.

Regardless of what style you chose, these high quality ties will be fashionable long after the wedding is over and can be worn again at future formal events. Order the Classic Long Tie today to MATCH the look of your entire wedding party or any party for that matter!

At MATCH Formal Wear, we've taken the guess work and the risk out of matching men's and children's formal wear accessories. Each of our formal wear accessories has been specially matched to coordinate with most of the top dress designers.

Can't find a MATCH to your dress, contact us for FREE color matching. We are certain we can find you the right color and pattern of formal wear accessories to compliment your wedding party or any special event!

More colors, more patterns, more MATCHES!

Helpful MATCHing Hints:
1) All of our colors were matched against satin/chiffon dress fabrics. If your dress is made from a different fabric type, the match may be slightly different.
2) The Pin Dot pattern uses the solid color as the base color and is sprinkled with a pin-head sized dot accent color that compliments the solid color.
3) The Paisley, Rival Stripe and Slim Stripe patterns contain two to three tints, tones, shades or hues of similar but complimentary primary colors. They are great choices when you want some flexibility in the precision of the color match or subtle accents to compliment you primary color. These patterns also offer a highly sophisticated and refined look over the solid only option.
4) The Plaid and Multi-Striped patterns are an elegant combination of three to five tints, tones, shades or hues of similar but complimentary primary colors. They are a perfect selection for hard-to-match dress colors or fabric types because the complimentary colors together allow them to blend nicely with the dominant color hue. These patterns are a great choice when an exact color match can't be made, when your dress fabric type is hard to match, when you want some variation or more vivid accenting colors in your formal wear accessories, or if you just want to add some flair to your look!